Great Hospitality Minds boasts more than a century of Hospitality experience and an executive committee made up of individuals with personal tenure of awards and accomplishments.

These experts breathe innovation in operations by introducing proven policies and strategies that yield competitive business results in any market and economic climate.

The best of the best!

Award-winning recognition:

  • Hospitality & Leadership Instructors/Facilitators
  • International Franchises (Premium brands: Hilton, Marriott, IHG, Choice, Wyndham)
  • Independent Hospitality Assets (Hotels, Restaurants, F&B Outlets)
  • Construction/Project Management

Meet the team of Elite Professionals

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Marcus Redmon, C.H.A. – President 

 C.H.A. – President 

Marcus Redmon celebrates over a quarter of a century in the Hospitality industry (from Housekeeper to executive) with a wealth of accomplishments to account for his long, uninterrupted tenure.  

To date, he is personally responsible for the fiscal recovery of twenty-five (25) hotel assets, using a 5-part Turnaround Program he wrote.  His Program boasts a 100% success ratio in over 20 U.S. Markets and a variety of property sizes and Brands.  Also, his history includes hotel real estate development, over $100MM, encompassing new construction, major renovations, and Brand conversions.  

Marcus has managed hotels as small as 35 rooms to upwards of 300 rooms in various capacities: General Manager, Area General Manager, Regional Director of Operations, Vice President of Operations, IndustryExpert/Consultant (The Redmon Group). His experience spans the branded/Franchise world of hotels and Independent, Luxury, Boutique properties (NYC).  

As a result of his stellar hospitality record, he has been sought out to brand hotel companies and targeted by hospitality colleges to teach. Other industries have even solicited his assistance in instructing their work forces in the tactical value of hospitality in the business model. 

He is The Hotel Doctor.

Norman B Douglas, Sr 

Executive Vice President 

Norman Douglas truly is a ‘jack of all trades’.  His professional background involves experience in an array of business genres (Chemistry, Construction, Portfolio Investment, Hospitality, etc.).  He is a fascinating human at heart with an equally impressive mind for business and wealth building.

Though considered semi-retired, he continues to expand his reach by increasing his knowledge and investment portfolio.

Feridun Tabur

Chairman of the Board 

Feridun Tabur is a Seasoned, Multi-lingual, European-Trained, International Hotelier with a creative edge for Excellence in Opening and Managing Large, Luxury (5* and Boutique) Hotels and Restaurants, with the added advantage and title of Chef: French Cuisine.  He has a service record that spans three continents (Europe, Asia, North America).

Mister Tabur is currently a member of the Advisory Committee of one of the world’s largest construction conglomerates on the planet: ASFA Group.

Brigitte L Pedersen

Executive Board Member

Brigitte is a 30-year veteran in the world of Banking and Financial Management.  Her career is one of several layers of success in Mortgage Lending (Residential, Commercial), Underwriting and Property Management.  Even during challenging industry climates over the last twenty years, Miss Pedersen’s record is an inspiring model to follow.

Brigitte continues her legacy as a leader at a prominent lending institution.

Kirk Robinson 

 Executive Board Member 

Kirk Robinson is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who is the founder of SoftTele International, Inc., co-founder of The 12 Figures Philanthropic Foundation and has been a highly sought after consultant since 1988. His experience includes roles as CIO and CRO Turnaround Specialist.  He is a business and technology visionary with executive leadership and hands-on experience in automating multi-billion- dollar enterprises and SMBs. He has held roles at entities such as Harland Clarke (Mac Andrews &

Forbes Worldwide), Bain Capital, Lockheed Martin, Gerber Enterprises, Cessna, General Electric, SAP, 

Winstar, MCI, Iridium, Office.com, WellPoint, Philip Morris, Freddie Mac, IBM, Federal and State Governments.


Kirk has proven his ability to bring the benefits of IT by identifying new revenue streams and to solve 

business concerns while managing costs, risks and restructuring. He also is responsible for business innovation, organizational change, and process improvement. He leads private and public sector clients’ enterprise-wide efforts to improve effectiveness and increase margins through by using Six Sigma and other methodologies. Focus areas include process improvement outsourcing, co-sourcing/co-branding, and shared services organizations. Kirk has also served at several entities at the senior management level for shared services organizations (Operations, Human Resources, Finance and Technology). In addition, Kirk leads successful recoveries of failing or failed enterprise system programs such as CRM, ERP, Billing and others. Industry experience consists of restructuring and turnaround in telecommunications, manufacturing, retail, CPG, transit, health care, real estate, insurance, banking, aerospace & defense, and financial services. 


Kirk holds a BS in Computer Science, numerous certifications and advanced executive training. 

We are an elite hospitality management group. Lead by professionals from all around the globe. 

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